“From a sponsor's point of view we have been delighted by public reaction to our association with the Ure Salmon Group. In sponsoring the Trust we endeavour to make the public point of our provenance in the Yorkshire Dales in general and our closeness to the River Ure in particular. We see our legacy to future generations, in part, a contribution towards returning and sustaining the River Ure back to its ecological best. The team at the Ure Salmon Project have conducted themselves in a highly professional and business like fashion. We have been kept in constant appraisal of developments. In all regards I believe the sponsorship is highly successful and is meeting in full all aspirations of our involvement that we anticipated at the commencement of our association."    

  Simon Theakston, Theakstons Brewery





Sponsorship Opportunities





How will your money be spent? Ure Salmon Group is a very lean organisation with very low operating costs and overheads, so your contribution will be spent very wisely. The trust consists of a steering group of 6 people and one full time member of staff: Project Officer David Bamford. We also have an enthusiastic band of volunteers who are key to delivering habitat schemes and assisting  with the salmon stocking program. The main activities of the trust are as follows:



•  Salmon Habitat Restoration Schemes 


•  Fish Passes 


•  Salmon in Schools Project


•  Community Engagement and Angler Participation 


•  Running a successful Salmon Hatchery


•  Managing the UST Website 


•  Media Engagement including newsletters


•  Working with key partners like the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust and Yorkshire Water.


•  Fisheries Surveys and investigations



If you are interested in sponsoring Ure Salmon Group, please contact David Bamford, Project Officer, on 

07861 416718 or email david.bamford@yorkshiredalesriverstrust.com





Our Sponsors



T&R Theakston Ltd, Masham

Biker Group Ltd, Leyburn









Carricks Ltd. Bedale

Simon Winstanley Ltd, Leyburn

Tunstall's Builders, Leyburn

The Blue Lion East Witton

John McClay (Private individual)