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About NASF

About NASF

The NASF Campaign to restore salmon stocks is winning! Nothing beats common sense, the right priorities and ABUNDANCE as the target. Ending mixed-stock netting has always been our priority.

Throughout the latter part of the 20th century, the once-plentiful wild salmon populations in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic dwindled to dangerously low levels, affecting not only the sensitive ocean and river ecosystems of the region, but also the rural communities for whom salmon fishing is a long-held local tradition and source of income. In the early 1990s Orri Vigfússon started an innovative, multinational initiative to buy out the fishing rights of commercial salmon fishers whose over-fishing was causing the decline. He represents a new breed of environmental leader who utilizes business skills and negotiating to effectively protect precious natural resources. Through his work, Vigfússon has succeeded in preventing the seemingly inevitable decimation of wild North Atlantic salmon populations.

An entrepreneur and life-long outdoorsman, Vigfússon first became aware of declining salmon stocks in the 1970s while fishing along the rivers of his native northern Iceland. Speaking with others who lived or fished along local rivers, he learned the extent of Iceland’s shrinking river salmon populations. In response, Vigfússon founded the Iceland-based North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF).

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Ure Salmon Trust strongly supports the work of NASF

Protests Defeat Plan To Farm Salmon In Iceland

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Protests defeat plan to farm salmon in Iceland

The Iceland Westfjords company HG has announced a revisal of strategy.  It appears to have abandoned or suspended its plan for a 7,000-tonne salmon farming operation following a protest campaign by the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF). The announcement has been made just two weeks after the first of a series of seminars on fish farming organized by NASF in cooperation with the University of Iceland, Institute of Sustainability Studies and the Icelandic Society of Biologists.

Iceland’s major salmon rivers lie on either side of the Westfjords, the projected location of the fish farm.  River owners and sport fishers were convinced that the sea farming of salmon would result in pollution, parasites and that long-term damage to the genes of wild salmon caused by interbreeding with escapees from the farm might ruin the natural …

Joint Statement From Iceland And Faroe Islands

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Reykjavik February 6, 2014: -   The fishermen of the Faroe Islands have joined the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF)  in condemning the Scottish and Norwegian governments for continuing to encourage the commercial exploitation of scarce wild salmon stocks.

The decision to highlight the refusal of the two countries to follow international scientific advice to protect Atlantic salmon stocks was taken at a meeting in Iceland of the Faroe Salmon Fishing Vessel Owner´s Association (Laksaskip) and NASF.

Most of the remaining stocks of wild salmon from European rivers migrate to the seas off the Faroes to feed and grow and the two organisations meet annually to review the state of the stocks. The maturing salmon are at their most vulnerable to commercial exploitation while they mass on their feeding grounds in northern waters.

For 23 years  the commercial salmon fishery off the Faroes has been …

Icelandic Report

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Icelandic report – opportunities in outdoor activities throughout the North Atlantic

Scottish wild salmon fishing at risk

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For every 1.000 wild salmon they spare in the Faroeese waters, Scottish nets kill 980 of them, and, according to sources in the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea,ensure there is hardly any spawing in the rivers to rebuild stocks.

This netting operation is promoted by the Scottish authorities with generous grants from the EU.

No, Scotland will never learn.


Orri Vigfússon

View CNN report here

Knighthood for NASF Director

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Marc-Adrien Marcellier, the French director of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, has been created a Knight of The National Order of Merit in recognition of more than 27 years of service to the French Nation in salmon and fishery causes.

Marc-Adrien has been one of NASF’s leading personalities in Europe for the last 20 years and is particularly active in salmon restoration projects in key areas in France. He has worked with Orri Vigfússon, Chairman of NASF in negotiations in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. He works on many projects with the French authorities and he is also a board member of the Association Internationale de Défense du Saumon Atlantique (AIDSA). His special expertise covers the management and stock assessment of wild salmon and eels in Europe.
M. Marcellier has been NASF’s key negotiator in Bay of Biscay issues and in the …

The Future of Russian Salmon

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For years we have been successfully negotiating and funding commercial agreements that protect the feeding grounds and migration routes of salmon on the high seas, however Norway, in full contravention of International law, sadly continues to steal fish native to Russian rivers. Please see this special 4-minute video report in Russian.

We are determined to put a stop to this illegal plunder and threat to salmon and wondered if would help by forwarding this message to your contacts?

Redd Villaksen’s Annnual Auction 2012

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The Eight Auction Auction in Support of Wild Salmon in Norway this year was arranged in Oslo on October 25th. The Auction was a great success and did break all previous records. About 150 people attended, bidding on some 80 fishing opportunities and items, and the total net income this year did pass a whopping one million Norwegian kroner. The auction as usual took place at the previous Astrup Fearnley Museum for Modern Art.

“We are very pleased with the support and gifts donated as well as the generous bids which were topped by NOK 140 000 for 2 days prime time fishing at the Alta River, says Mr. Gerhard Schive, leader of the organization. The income is well welcomed and will enable Redd Villaksen to contribute to several important national and international salmon and sea trout conservation programs. The …

A Celebration of Salmon 13th December 2012 Paris

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A Celebration of Salmon Evening London 2012

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The prestigious Princess Anne Theatre at BAFTA on London’s Piccadilly played host to a unique event on the evening of 20th September entitled ‘A Celebration of Salmon’. Read more about the event in the press release here: Click to Download

Norway NASF Auction 2012

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Click on the link to download an english version of the Norway NASF Auction 2012 highlights.

The Lists of Lots (live and silent) are complete, but detailed descriptions are just presented for those lots we think are especially interesting for our foreign supporters. If you would like to get more info on some lots that are not presented in full, please contact us!